VERSAMEB is a regenerative medicine research and development campaign. Regenerative medicine is one of the largest health challenges and unmet medical needs affecting a majority of the world‘s aging population. Our mission is to design novel technologies for local growth factor delivery with a dramatically prolonged biological activity. We are aiming to provide definitive, simple and highly valuable solutions for restoring tissue functions, notably joint, bone, muscle and wound healing, all significant unmet medical needs. Our expertise, knowledge and intellectual property will allow us to deliver game-changing solutions in this field.

150 x

half-life prolongation

of local growth factor supply



for proof-of-concept



all for conditions of unmet medical need


New Molecular Entity

with unprecedented drug delivery


the 2 founders of VERSAMEB in partnership
with a highly innovative German technology company, academics and industry

Norbert Bleich

• more than 20 years industry experience • Roche: Development Innovation & IT Portfolio • Novartis: Global Services and Medical Writing • Quintiles Early Development • invited speaker on multiple congresses • scientific publications • global pharma development projects in US, EU, Japan, India, and China •



Friedrich Metzger

• more than 14 years industry experience • renowned expert in growth factor therapies • Roche: Lab and Project Manager, Head of Discovery Rare Diseases • >50 scientific publications and patents • invited speaker on multiple congresses • Professor at Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany •




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